what does tenhanlover mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

TenHanLover mean that I love the couple TenHan(GotenxGohan) and no I don’t.

Strangled Red


      There are tons of stories out there about hacked pokemon games. Some of them really quite neat such as the one about a version where you get a ghost as a starter. Some are ridiculous as well, silly stories about people dieing after playing a game, or the game talking to them. God, don’t these writers know less is more when it comes to this stuff? Ah well, I digress.
       I grew interested in these hacked games that are apparently in any thrift store, on ebay, or handed out by homeless people to random passersby. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting these creepy people, I merely found this particular cartridge in a trash bin when the garbage truck backed into my neighbor’s dumpster. I noticed the game and asked the trash man if I could take it, and he didn’t seem to mind. It was thrown away after all. I of coarse checked with my neighbor to confirm if they actually didn’t want it, though they seemed perplexed, as if they’d never seen it in their life. Their son made a grab for it, a little boy who saw the charizard on the cover, crying out “Pokemon! I want mommy!”, but his mother told him no, seeing as I found it. He didn’t even have a game boy anyway, he just liked pokemon.
       Thinking nothing more, I simply went home, looking at the cartridge’s sticker on the way. Just a plain old Red Version, the sticker torn slightly across the Charizard’s neck, but that was expected with such an old game. I had Blue Version as a kid, so I was a bit eager to see the, albeit minimal, differences Red Version had. I was rather disappointed by what I saw when the title screen showed up.
       “Pokemon: Strangled Red Version.”

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If anyone cares.

New CrossOver Couple Obssesion!

Okay so lately I have been obssesed with the crossover couple Mariko and Trunks (As my friend calls it “Truiko”) But Now I have become obssed with Lucy/Nyu/Nyuu/Kaede x Gohan! I wanna see more pictures of them!! But I still haven’t seen many MarikoxTrunks pictures…. D:


Looking at Truten pictures!!! I WANT MY F-ING TRUTEN PICTURES ON MY WALL!!! But I ain’t allowed to print out pictures!! Q~Q

IMMA TRUTEN LOVER|!!! But also TenHan lover!! (no duh! Look at my name! XD)

Hyped and I gotta smoothie!!!

I’m so happy I love pudding!! <3

I’m so happy I love pudding!! <3

Me acting goofy.

Me acting goofy.


mistake number one 


mistake number one 

Tomorrow is self-harm awareness day. Reblog if you’re there to listen to anyone who needs to talk.


I’m going to wear orange tomorrow

 Cool I am too

Bath Night Happens

I’m avoding baths now…but as some of you may know why I am but I clearly know I can’t do this forever…my mom will find out….damn…my life sucks…but I can’t help myself.